Who We Are


Caregiving Network is a Christian non-profit agency (501c3) that partners with local churches, community organizations, and individuals to provide resources to Midland County residents who are unable to meet their basic needs. We are people of Christ serving people in need.

As a Christian organization, we:
believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as God and Savior in accordance with the scriptures,
worship and serve the One God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit;
seek ways to work together in order to present a more credible Christian witness in and to the world.

Our Core Values include:
Caregiving Network is a vital ministry of the church in our community,
all people are loved by God and have worth because all people bear God’s image,
all people must be treated with compassion and dignity,
Jesus’ love must be expressed while easing burdens of those coming for assistance,
all people deserve the joy of giving back to their community,
ministry partners (churches, donors, volunteers, and those who support CgN through prayer) are critical to the success of its mission,
financial integrity and good stewardship are vital to honoring God, ministry partners, and clients,
well-kept grounds and modest facilities, with care of God’s creation in mind, foster a welcoming environment.